Mieke ter Poorten

Mieke ter Poorten is a talented attorney who has successfully represented clients accused of both state and federal crimes, including: major drug offenses; money laundering; DUI; Medicare fraud; identity theft; violent crimes; domestic violence; carjacking; criminal threats;  credit card fraud, and sex crimes.

For over a decade, Mieke ter Poorten ran a successful Los Angeles based strategic planning firm. She worked with local and national politicians, high-level executives, and other professionals to strengthen their personal identities and to transform their careers and businesses.

Realizing the significant impact she could have on people facing the most serious challenge of their life –  a threat to their liberty and the destruction of their lives because of criminal charges – Mieke attended law school.  Immediately following law school, Mieke clerked for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Cynthia Rayvis – specifically to work with Judge Rayvis on a yearlong complicated habeas case.  Since that time, Mieke has worked exclusively as a private criminal defense attorney working in both federal and state court. She is currently a member of the Los Angeles Bar Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, California Public Defenders Association and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and is a frequent speaker for both local and national bar associations.

Mieke ter Poorten combines the skills she honed over the years developing strategic plans for her clients with her knowledge of the law. The blend of her experience, expertise, passion, and attention to detail has made her an effective and successful attorney.

When a person has been accused of a crime, it is devastating and frightening to them and their families, which is why Mieke’s experience is so important. She is able to develop an effective multipronged plan to defend her client and put that plan into action in order to achieve the best possible result for her clients.